Wardrobe accessories: organize with style

Internal wardrobe and walk-in closet accessories are the key to organizing clothes and keeping your wardrobe always tidy. Among the most useful accessories are hangers for jackets and shirts, shelves, ideal for storing sweaters, pants and bags, and dividers, an excellent choice for ties, belts, and scarves. For greater interior space lighting, you can opt for spotlights and LED lights. Internal drawers and organizers like the pull-out tray help you organize underwear and accessories, while hanging rods are useful for arranging long and bulky clothes, just like the shoe rack allows you to have your footwear ready for any occasion.

2-drawer unit

Suspended 2-drawer unit

3-drawer unit

4-drawer unit with tray

Pull-out metal drawer h.50

Pull-out metal drawer h.100

Pull-out drawer with trousers rack

Pull-down hanging rod

Shoe shelf

Interior dividers

Raster 3 compartments

Raster 4 compartments + Qty 4 leather drawers for raster

Metal and glass shelf + hanging rod

Wooden shelf + hanging rod

Metal and glass shelf

Wooden shelf


Vertical lighting

Horizontal lighting

External horizontal lighting