As a furniture company already recognized for the flexibility, modularity and functionality of the proposals for the living and sleeping area, we meet today the most demanding markets with collections of systemic and integrated furniture, rich in accessories and high-quality finishes, which give the rooms a refined and exclusive elegance.

We are bearers of innovative ideas and custodians of a deep-rooted design culture

Our history is the result of an evolution that began in 1968 with the production of multifunctional, safe and space-saving children’s bedrooms, which was followed by the gradually broader offer of a furniture system capable of embracing every room in the house.

This is why we stand out as a competitive player capable of optimizing production processes and responding promptly to every customer need. The successful repositioning of the Cinquepuntozero brand is further step change in the development of a distinctive aesthetic code, both in home architecture and contract solutions.

Driven by a spatial and architectural vision of environments

We want the house to be a «space for living», in which to feel good. Furnishing every environment with customized and tailor-made solutions means knowing how to interpret the habits, the evolving needs, the desires of those who live there. Here in the living room as in the bedroom, every piece of furniture, integrated collections and accessories are modeled on a personal, exclusive and unrepeatable idea of home.

Creating furniture distinguished by versatility and quality

The wide selection of finishes and materials allows our customers to design in every detail the furniture of the living and sleeping areas, work spaces and those dedicated to relaxation.

Our production is environmentally friendly, thanks to the use of eco-sustainable materials from wood recycling processes, which do not involve the felling of trees. We have made the company energy efficient, minimise waste and protect the environment by using 100% recyclable packaging, such as polystyrene, cardboard and PVC film.

Supporting architects, designers and retailers

We offer our partners extensive experience in the production of home furniture, ensuring timely delivery of orders in order to meet the retail demand on time. Compared to retailers, support takes shape through advice on store layout; coaching and training activities; the 3D configuration program; an updated calendar of social media publications; catalogues, price lists and materials in store; renewed visual identity.