Design furniture accents for a home with unique style

Furniture accessories such as sideboards, shelves, coffee tables, chairs, poufs, as well as the coat rack and multifunctional “day cabinet” islands coordinated with the walk-in closet, are the design accessories capable of giving character to both the living and sleeping areas. The rich collection of furniture accents not only allows you to store and display your cherished items but also adds personality to walls and spaces. Discover all the furniture accessories from Cinquepuntozero and choose the perfect ones for your home.


Sideboards are modern and versatile cabinets to be placed in the living room, dining room, but also in entrances, hallways, bedrooms, or the study.


Always coordinated in material, line and design with the furniture in living and sleeping spaces, wall shelves are suitable for every room in the house, from the entrance to the kitchen, to the bathroom.


Metal dividers, storage modules, hanging rod and a wide range of elements become the protagonists of next-generation rooms characterized by sophistication.

Coffee Tables

Among the accessories that should never be missing in the home’s living room are coffee tables, which furnish the room, either individually or placed side by side in two or more pieces.


Whether it’s the dining table, the elegant and designer table for the living room, or the table that responds to the contemporary trend of combining the living room and kitchen into a single unit, the table is an essential element of interior design, a symbol of conviviality and hospitality.

Chairs and armchairs

Chairs and armchairs, where you can spend moments of conviviality or total relaxation, meet the needs of contemporary life.


In harmony with the living room or used as a design complement near sofas and armchairs, the modern pouf enriches the style of your home thanks to always new shapes and colors.

Desk and Console Tables

Increasingly, domestic space is also dedicated to study and work. In addition to being elements with a strong aesthetic component due to their decorative impact, desk, and console tables are accents that give character to the furnishing project.