Ares Door

The hinged door in the fine natural leather finish, which combines seams and the integrated handle in Metal Grey finish, characterizes the Cuoio Door wardrobe, a timeless design composition.

The structure of the wardrobe in fabric finish dialogues with the interior layout that offers an impeccable organization: shelves, suspended chest of drawers with two drawers and the hanging rod also finished with the Metal Grey finish, ensure a refined and functional storage solution.

Distinguishing the linear wardrobe from the fine Crema finish with Leather hinged door are the stitching harmoniously tuned and the handle integrated in the Metal Grey finish.

The structure, made with care and craftsmanship in Rovere Carbone finish, is enriched by shelves with Metal Grey hanging rods, which create a cozy and functional space. The wardrobe Cuoio Door stands out for its timeless elegance and for its ability to elevate any environment in which it is located.