With the Raster metal wall unit, you can design the wall through modules consisting of a 3 mm thick Antracite metal body and customizable partitions and back in different finishes.

The versatility of modern wall units is total, so much so that you can choose whether to place them horizontally or vertically, contributing to the final performance of your furniture project for the living area. These complements, designed and made to recover space, are revisited in a modern way to meet every need on the level of furniture.


Materico Rovere Nodato Miele, Melaminico Grigio Seta, Melaminico Lava


L 330 cm – P 44 cm

Desk and console table

Thanks to the wide modularity and flexibility of the Cinquepuntozero program for the living area, the 50 mm thick and 440 mm depth bench system becomes a comfortable worktop, equipped with containers, bases and wall units.