The living area is a fundamental part of the house that must be organized according to your lifestyle and those living with you: books, objects, souvenirs, but also houseplants and the TV must find a proper place.

In this sense, Cinquepuntozero storage furniture serves multiple functions and creates an aesthetically curated environment.

In addition to the lacquered Creta cabinet, the unit with doors in Laminam Noire Desire presents the new Special aluminium frame door with Metal Grey finish. For full customization, in addition to Laminam, you can choose the door front in grooved glass or covered with wallpaper.


Laccato Creta, Laccato Lava, Laminam Noire Desire


L 360 cm – P 45,2 cm

Desk and Console Table

Always an excellent solution to complete the living area furnishings, especially if you want to reduce floor space, suspended cabinets also serve as a support element for the work surface.

The 50 mm thick bench is characterized by the new C leg, whose aesthetics vary depending on the choice of knob color.

Elegant and refined, the wall units, closed or open, are suitable for displaying and containing your objects, memories, and small collections.


Melaminico Grigio Seta, Laccato Seta, Melaminico Lava, Laccato Lava


L 300 cm – P 50 cm