Creating the perfect walk-in closet: be inspired by Cinquepuntozero solutions

The walk-in closet is a special environment, an almost magical place, where clothes and dresses find their ideal location. The walk-in closet represents a dedicated and organized space, so its design must take into account every detail. In addition, the custom walk-in closet is an element of great relevance in the decor of a modern bedroom: it not only serves as a place dedicated to the organization of clothes and accessories, but also has the role of significantly improving daily life.

The design of a custom walk-in closet ensures that the wardrobe harmoniously integrates into the overall design of the room, creating an elegant and refined environment.

With innovative solutions such as adjustable shelves, deep drawers, shoe racks and integrated lighting systems, the walk-in closet reflects the aesthetic taste and space requirements of each. Creating a bespoke walk-in closet provides a level of customization and functionality that enhances the daily experience and adds a touch of luxury and convenience to the modern bedroom.

Among the many customized solutions, let’s see together some proposals signed Cinquepuntozero.

Solution 1: Create your own walk-in closet with Wall System

When it comes to creating a bespoke walk-in closet, the Wall System collection is an exclusive and functional solution. The Rovere Carbone finish adds a touch of sophistication, while the shelves with hanging rods, the suspended drawers and the removable trouser accessory offer maximum versatility in the organization of the interior space. Flow sliding doors, with their metal frame in Metal Grey finish and transparent glass, add an element of modernity and transparency to the environment.

With this combination of sophisticated design and intelligent functionality, the walk-in closet becomes an aesthetically appealing and highly efficient space, able to meet the needs and expectations of architects, interior designers and the end user.

Solution 2: The Americano walk-in closet

If the goal is to create a prestigious walk-in closet with an exclusive design, which conveys elegance and functionality, the choice can only fall on the Americano wardrobe composition, which can be customized even at the corner.

Equipped with shelves, shoe rack and floor-standing four-drawers chest, all made in the same sophisticated Rovere Carbone finish of the wardrobe, this walk-in closet offers impeccable organization for clothing and accessories.

In the centre of the room, the freestanding island with push-pull drawers in a lacquer Piombo finish, complemented by an integrated seat, a Fumè glass shelf and an internal tray in a Rovere Carbone finish, contributes to create an environment of great refinement, where each object has its place and where aesthetics blends harmoniously with practicality.


Although it is erroneously thought that the walk-in closets are only feasible in large houses or apartments to which a whole room is dedicated, Cinquepuntozero’s modular and customized solutions are perfect even in environments where everything must be studied in detail with space-saving solutions.

Each walk-in closet is designed ad hoc to improve daily life, offering comfort, convenience and style. The walk-in closet, like any other room in the house, is enriched with accessories, accessories and lighting that create an intimate and functional atmosphere.

The walk-in closet is no longer a dream but, thanks to a personalized design, it is a piece of furniture in which every garment and accessory finds its ideal place: small or large, hidden or visible with transparent doors, the closet comes to life thanks to modular and flexible systems, whatever the environment reserved for it.