Wardrobe dimensions: how to choose the perfect wardrobe

Choosing the size of the wardrobe is important for several reasons related to the furniture, space, organization and overall design of the room.

It is obvious that a closet that is too large could make the bedroom stuffy and crowded, while an unorganized wardrobe may not provide the storage necessary to meet personal needs. Finding the right balance between the measurements of the wardrobe and the size of the room is crucial to create a harmonious and functional environment.

In addition to the aesthetic appearance, width, height and depth of the wardrobe also affect the organization of the interior space: hanging rod for long clothes and shirts, the shelves on which to store sweaters, trousers and bags, the ties holders, belts and scarves are indispensable elements as well as the internal chests of drawers, shoes-shelves, organizers and removable trays that allow you to arrange underwear and accessories in an orderly and practical.

Hinged doors, sliding doors, overhead wardrobes, corner wardrobes, modular and customizable wardrobes, walk-in closets: the solutions that Cinquepuntozero offers not only fully respond to functional needs, but furnish and decorate the bedroom according to an almost infinite possibility of finishes, color combinations and mix of materials. Thanks to the choice of the “right” sizes, the wardrobe, essential element of the bedroom, lends itself to the most modern interpretations.

Standard dimensions of the wardrobe

The standard dimensions of a cabinet may vary depending on the type and model, but here is a general overview of the most common sizes.

In terms of height, wardrobes usually measure between 180 and 220 centimeters to ensure sufficient space to hang clothes of different lengths. As for the width, standard wardrobes can vary from 80 to 120 centimeters. This size allows you to store clothes on hangers, shelves or drawers, depending on the design of the wardrobe. The depth of a wardrobe is generally between 50 and 70 centimeters.

However, the cabinet’s height, width, and depth dimensions can be customized to meet your specific needs.

This is the case of wardrobes and custom-made walk-in closets that allow to modulate the available space to the centimetre or to follow the sloping lines of the ceiling or even to separate the rooms, as it happens with the double-sided composition Free Door which consists of a passing compartment with hinged door. Instead of partitions, we find, in this case, storage solutions that look differently inside adjacent rooms or spaces.

How to choose the cabinet size

When choosing the wardrobe that serves as a closet in the room, it is important to take into account several factors to determine the most suitable size.

First of all, it is necessary to evaluate the total space available, that is the room in which the wardrobe must be placed. Considering the walls, corners and open spaces allows you to have a clear idea of the maximum size that the wardrobe can have, without making the room too crowded.

Wardrobes with sliding doors are a good choice in case of limited space, as they do not require additional space for opening the doors, while in the case of the wardrobe with hinged doors should be considered the encumbrance to open the doors and the passage to move even if the closet is open.

To assess the ideal size of the wardrobe it’s not possible to ignore the personal needs related to the type of clothes, shoes and accessories to store. Hanging rod and chests of drawers, shelves and raster allow you to place and organize clothes inside the closet and make the most of the available space. It should be added that Cinquepuntozero’s flexible solutions allow to add, over time, elements according to evolving needs.

The size of the wardrobe must, therefore, be a balance between personal needs, the space available in the room and the overall design of the furniture.

Fitted wardrobes: the solution for unique needs

When the standard dimensions are not enough to meet the needs of space and design, bespoke cabinets are the ideal answer, as they ensure total customization of solutions.

Cinquepuntozero bespoke modular wardrobes allow to meet specific needs – from external dimensions to internal layout, up to finishes and color – and to create a truly exclusive wardrobe.

The bespoke design of the wardrobe implies the perfect organization of the interior spaces: shelves, drawers and hanging rods can be strategically placed to maximize the containment capacity.

Not only. With a bespoke wardrobe, it is assured the ability to create a unique design that integrates perfectly with the rest of the decor of the room. Choosing custom materials and color palettes leads to an aesthetic result of unparalleled level.