Cinquepuntozero: brand repositioning

In the process of continuous evolution, Cinquepuntozero reaches a new goal: the repositioning of the brand accompanied by the proposal of a series of innovations that mark a decisive change of pace and constitute a further strengthening of the dialogue established with customers.

Rebranding is an expression of the company’s ability to adapt to increasingly competitive market scenarios, through a clear advance in the development of an aesthetic identity code, to be applied both in domestic architecture and in contract solutions.

Already recognized for the flexibility and modularity of its furniture proposals, Cinquepuntozero now offers technical collections, integrated, multi-equipped and rich in finishes, able to give the environments a refined and exclusive allure.

Brand values

The systemic vision, the design culture and innovation are the values that Cinquepuntozero embodies since its foundation and that give shape to customizable furniture solutions in every detail, enriched by a wide range of accessories.

The company thus responds to the expectations of the most demanding customers and the most advanced design studios, offering furniture for the living area, for the sleeping area and complements, always characterized by aesthetic and functional research. The brand’s vocation for continuous evolution thus translates into an even more marked attention to expressive freedom in furniture and to valuable technical and construction standards.

Spaces for living is the new leitmotiv

Spaces for living become the leitmotiv with respect to choices of style and functionality that concern not only the furniture, but also the accessories and decorative elements that complete the furniture. The goal is to create an environment in which you feel comfortable, where you can relax and fully enjoy your living space.

The lightness of the compositional balance, the creativity and the materials of the new Cinquepuntozero compositions are elements that can give a touch of originality and personality to any environment.

The new collections

To achieve this goal, Cinquepuntozero commissioned a leading architectural firm to design of the new Night, Living and Accessories collections.

In addition to the dimensional updating of the furnishings, the new furniture proposal is characterized by a palette of desaturated colors coordinated with the essences introduced and with the selection of fabrics. In order to meet the most varied and complex needs of interior designers, retailers and contract, the collections are also customizable through RAL scale lacquers, for a harmonious and exclusive final result.

Among the novelties are the internal leather equipment proposed, such as the new containers for leather raster. The catalogue introduces accessories in a single elegant Metal Grey finish, including hinges, for an aesthetic continuity of great impact.

The systemic and architectural vision of the furniture is enriched by the new furnishing accessories such as the valet-stand for clothes, the multifunctional “day cabinet” islands for desk, bench, container, hanger, walk-in closets in various versions, poufs and armchairs.